So now we should be suspicious of every white skinned person we meet for the first time and take him or her through a verification process before we become friends with them, is it?
First it was the men with beards and turbans (the Sikhs), and the guys in beards and caps, (typefying the quintessential muslims), and then those in Saffron, (labeled Hindu hardliners) we feared, and now, in this part of the world we will need to look at everyone wearing white skin with a sort of doubt, so that we are secure from getting linked to a terrorist movement which, by the time we are given a clean chit from, has the potential to swallow our lives and those of our near and dear ones.
I wonder if the next movement in France which Sarkozy is going to have to deal with, is going to be that of giving all innocent white men, women and children an identity through the look they wear, else they could all be under the scanner as far as the rest of the world outside the white public is concerned. Maybe he will have to forget about the ban on turbans and hijabs for the time being and order his offices to appoint the best designers in Europe to outfit innocents who have no links with terrorist outfits in other parts of the world.
Come on guys, its high time we mature as a media and stop sensationalizing everything that comes are way in a bid to grab eyeballs. The NIA is the newly appointed agency by the Government of India, which needs to be publicized to the people of India, for them to be rest assured that they are being governed by an active order which is concerned about their security.
And most of media is falling for it like nobody's business and overlooking the real facts, which are:
  1. How did David Headly Coleman escape every intelligence in the country and roam around in India like he was free to, for more than three years, and stay at the most important places in different hotels for as long as he wished to? Is that how assured we should be of our intelligence and security? And therefore, should we really trust the NIA or let it be known that it is just another cover for the ineptness of our system?
  2. How did the guy get a membership in the gym 'Moksha', which belongs to the well known journalist turned film producer Pritish Nandy, where Rahul Bhatt and Vilas, his friend, work as fitness trainers, without attaching a photograph to the form every member is supposed to fill and submit?
  3. How was every intelligence outfit in India clueless about who the Rahul mentioned in the e mails between Headly and Rana was, until Rahul and Vilas went personally and submitted themselves to authorities, informing them that they knew Headly?
India is a country that doesn't deserve the democracy it boasts of and is not prepared for the freedom it has. Neither the beaurocracy, nor the government, and neither the media and nor its civil society, are prepared for as mature a condition as that.
This is a nation where the weather bureau predicting a cyclone due to hit its coasts. delivers its findings hysterically and the media goes into a frenzy while passing on the information to people, which should be otherwise told in absolute calm.
God help the people of India who are dependent on the prediction and certain reporters in a city like Mumbai, when they are told through insane rendition, that they should close all institutions and offices at 2pm and get home by 745pm, before the cyclone hits the coast!
It wasn't funny what the state of Mumbai was that afternoon earlier this week. Those crazed in the media should have more sense of how they should report facts so that they don't create a panic which can have more disastrous effects than the cyclone itself, and that at a time when the government servants are too busy closing down their offices and getting home themselves.
What a pity?!!!
Everything is approached by our system in the same manner.
Even an otherwise respected Shobha De behaves like a 'has been', a nouveau unleashed upon technology, when she twitters about the dysfunctional Bhatt clan, obviously conveniently forgetting her own, at a time when the crisis is deep and the issue is serious.
Here are two kids who should be applauded for having had the courage to approach authorities on their own and for having provided the agencies information about the white man Headly, which they otherwise would never have got.
Two kids who were led by the advise of a man like Mahesh Bhatt, his daughter Pooja and the rest of the family to fearlessly inform the caretakers of our system about what they had encountered during their association with a man who they had no idea was a mastermind of devious plans.
Two kids who should be promoted to India as an example for others to follow so we are able to collectively eradicate the menace.
Two kids who should certainly not be viewed as a confirmation to people that they are right when they know of serious matters and deliberately turn their backs on them, or right when they see others writhing in pain in a road accident and walk away from it, instead of helping them to the nearest emergency.
Mahesh Bhatt who is outspoken and straightforward, who is righteous and stands by his words, a man of integrity and a man who has done all he can to further inclusion as a policy, as well as tried in the best way he can to support Indo Pak relations culturally through his films and the music in his films, a man whose family is quietly proud of following the religion of their choice because they firmly believe that all religions are various paths that lead you to the same God, cannot be suspect.
We cannot allow the situation, which needs to be harnessed well in time, to go berserk and become a chapter in our mythology as one which will mark the era where everybody in the country got sufficient reason to stop coming forward to aid the government and its institutions in combating any threat that ever faced the nation?!
Remember it was one shepherd in Kargil who reported to the nearest defence post that he had seen suspicious activity, which in turn alerted our forces about the entry of Pakistani soldiers in our territory, and that is what led to the Kargil war which was eventually won by us.
Had he been afraid to tell, wouldn't it have been too late for us to have known what was going on behind our backs?


Anonymous said…
He was not a white guy. Pakistani say there are tall, fair & tight Ass but i don't think they call themselves Whites.

Anyone who has a Pakistani Visa or a Link should be verified.
Image crucification of volunteer of national interest, Patronisation of a single language in a Cosmopolitan, Vandalism, Ignoarance on most spehres & stratas of society, Negligence to alarming needs, Media playing impulsive judges everyday.. makes me wonder, has the Nation, in quotient, more of a Conscience or more Nuisance.
Anonymous said…
"I-met-him-at-a-gym" story seems such a fabrication. Seriously, how many LeT operatives do you meet in a gym?

Many people on this board have gone to a gym, how many have LeT have they met?

Also, even if you meet them, do you start introducing them all to all your and daddy's friends? And how convenient that daddy (Mahesh Bhatt) makes films supportive of the terrorist view point?

This whole story is fishy from the start, despite Mahesh Bhatt's spin that it was his son that put the investigative agencies on the right track. Its likely there are more serious going ons here, and Rahul decided to come clean in advance. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bhatt family has done this on lawyers advice. More likely, Rahul could have provided Headley with access to the circle of elite, which allowed the latter to scope out what the likely hangouts of the elite are, what to attack, when, floor plans etc. Rahul may not be aware of Headley's true intentions, but then again, he may be, we never know.

Expect more spin on the line of "Rahul is such an innocent babe" "Rahul baba was led astray" in the future by the Bollywood spin machine. And similar to what happened in Sanjay Dutt's case, expect Rahul to discover Gandhi ... reports of how he reads Gandhian philosophy at this house will be splashed by the mercenary media.

Further expect candle light vigils by the likes of Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar, Anupam Kher etc. with full non stop coverage by the media and a hyper ventilating Burkha Dutt on the gross injustice meted out to him.

Bollywood is in cahoots with naPakistani ISI, Army, and Dawood Ibrahmi (who is now with Lashkar-e-tayyaba).

Bollywood is out killing themselves by aligning with the Jihadis and their viewpoints.
Sandeep Singh Bajwa said…
You communists are exactly like the coward who cuts his own hand that feeds him.

you have no courage to against Islamists but will happily attack your own people and nation that provides you with free speech, freedom of religion and pursuit of happiness.

You will happily harp on innocent hindus but will not raise a single finger on hard core terrorists like Shabhudeen (who is also MP), Bukhari, Saeed, etc. Islam is the real reason that bollywood will loose all its liberties.
Anonymous said…
David Headley is in reality Dawood Gilani who changed his name in 2006 (three years ago), previously he went to a military school and was pals with Current sitting Pakistani Army brigadier named Rana who brother is his fellow terrorist and the Pak counsel in Chicago.

So!! it is coming directly from Kiyani, ISI and Chief Ahmad Shuja Pasha. This is a very serious issue!!!