We are at the... er... well almost at the juncture where India is prepared to call a spade a spade.
How many people are the powerful going to go after, and how many will they be able to nab and destroy and where in the world are they go to go and drag out to punish all those voices which speak out against them? They can eliminate two RTI activists, one in Pune and one in Gujarat, but how many more will they be able to manage do away with?
India is at the threshold of its independence for the first time now.
With the power of the opinion in the hands of its people, whether because of online or interactive media, the Government of India is left with no choice but to act and perform, or else, one by one, each politician, beaurocrat and every cheat who has manipulated the system to amass wealth illegitimately, is going to be revealed and hanged.

Trust me, its not just the media which is the watchdog of the politics of India that is making this happen. It is also the people of India who have finally got the right to their opinion because of online media in their hands and their close proximity to other media, so intimately today, that even the media is being watched over by them, and the barons know it, the barons who have waited for it for years while they silently supported the corrupt, however angry it made them, for the sake of their own survival.
This time the media dare not relent in its pursuit to root out the rot which has collected for over six decades of a latent dictatorship and authoritarian rule which has conveniently operated behind the veil of democracy ever since the 15th of August, 1947. This time it has to weed out the filth, the dirt from the ground.

Tonight on Prime Time Television, it was so apparent, that every news channel went on from where it had left off on the CWG scandal yesterday, inspite of the fact that every politician consumed by it or afraid to be, had abandoned them. One poor Salman Khurshid, in all his decency appeared on Headlines Today to salvage the face of the Congress Party but he looked so distressed because of his own position, that one felt sorry for him.

While everyone is slamming the Organizing Committee, the Sports Ministry, the DDA, Ministry of Urban Development and every other body involved with putting together the games, a handful, like Khursheed, Vinod Sharma, the new treasurer of the OC, Mr. AK Matoo are virtually pleading with the panelists who for once are representing the people of India unanimously, to allow the games to take place and let there then be an inquiry on the accountability of the huge funds which have been grossly misused, embezzled, laundered and syphoned and which there is substantial evidence and proof of.
When neither the opposition, nor the party in power have the guts to appear on the debates, it is obvious that they are admitting to their failures and hoping that some miracle takes place and the games are achieved at the end of the fifty ninth day from now.

How on earth are they going to achieve it? I smell a rat here as well.
I know, that the Government is aware of the fact that the Common Wealth Games are not going to happen. It knows we are not ready for it, which is why it has allowed the scandal to catch fire and burn the country's pride, so at the end of this horrendous period they can turn around and accuse the media as well as the people of India by saying, that had they been left to themselves, and had they not been questioned or compelled to suspend key corrupt officials of the OC, they would have met the deadline, but because India rocked, and the people and media insisted that culprits be brought to book, the games cannot happen.

However convoluted it may sound, but believe me, that is what is going to happen.
Our leaders are so far removed from reality and the truth, the parliament is so distant from its purpose, that MS Gill, the sports Minister, could actually crack a few jokes, and get a few laughs, when he spoke amongst his ilk at Parliament House today.
That is how shameless and unaffected our Government is.

Are they going to carry on the games in substandard stadia?
Are they going to host millions of guests and tourists in a chaotic city which is already bursting at its seams?
Or are they going to bring it all together in 59 days by rebuilding and recreating everything from scratch?
Lets see how it unfolds.

I was watching the promotion for a series on sports and sportspersons, which is the beginning of a campaign for the Olympics to be held in UK in 2012, on BBC today. 2012. Here, we have less than 60 days left for the launch of the games, and we're swimming in shame.
When the hell are we going to start talking about our infrastructure with pride?
When will be bring our athletes to the forefront? Those athletes of India who, for the first time, had advantage home ground, in the Common Wealth Games but yet haven't stepped into stadia to practice?
After the games are over? When all the equipment which has been hired, is returned to its rightful owners after having paid them 3 times the amount of the cost of the equipment?

Are we going to carry on with the scandal till the day that the games start and then declare celebration, like schizophrenics, like hypocrites, who have to impress our guests, the outsiders in the name of patriotism and national pride?
What nonsense is this?
Can't one out of the 565 elected members of Parliament step out and apologize to the country?
Shouldn't they step out in the open and admit to their ineptness and systemic failures?

Let me tell you, the Commonwealth Games are just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg.
If a leader doesn't emerge from the system, and doesn't take charge, there is going to be anarchy.
The people of India have to be taken in confidence now and an honest representative has to step out and be the healer by admitting to and apologizing for the failure of governance at every level, every state, every layer of society which is lying torn with lies, deceit and fraud.

This is the moment to face the truth.
This is the moment which can turn around everything and bring us to the beginning of the change,,the beginning the shining India which we keep talking about.
This is the moment which can bring us that freedom which was an illusion, which we had never ever had before.