Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

As I start to write this letter to you, the brave 23 year old who was a victim of the most heinous crime in our capital city is being moved away from Safdarjung Hospital to a hospital in Singapore.

While the whole country prays for her, the Government that you are the head of is doing everything it can to ensure that she gets the best treatment and returns to a healthy life, not because you care, even if you would like to believe you do, but because you are damn afraid of what will happen on the streets of the capital city of India if anything goes wrong with her, and God forbid, if she loses her life.

I choose to write to you because I believe that you as a leader, the chief executive of our country, have failed us.
You may take responsibility for this victim because she is making the top headlines of these times, but where you have let us down, is in your response to the questions that this incident raises.
What about the number of rapes, indignities upon women, ignored by enforcers of law, in all parts of the country as we speak? Upon 2 and 4 years old, on young girls?
What about this unforgivable crime being committed upon innocents every day, hour and minute, in some part of the country or the other?

What we expect from you is ACTION!
But what we have got from you in return is a half hearted speech giving assurances of the same kind which you have been giving to us every time something boils over, be it the molestation of a teenager in Guwahati, Assam, or be it the terrorists attack of 26/11 in Mumbai.

I still clearly remember you and your colleagues using the same words at the time when Mumbai protested and reached the gates of your office to ask for answers.
And I hope you know that as I sit today to write to you, none of those steps were taken, none of those promises kept.

How do we believe you?
How do we accept that you will do anything about the safety of not just women, but all citizens of the country, when you have failed in securing the capital city and the financial capital of the nation?
When we know that all you are waiting for is for this uprising to exhaust and tire itself out, to die down so you can go on with life in the same vein until the next incident takes place?
What must be the plight of other metropolises, cities, towns and villages, if these are the conditions that prevail in the two most so called empowered cities of India?

The blatancy with which your spokespersons defend the indefensible is the biggest giveaway that the party you represent is incapable of handling the system and driving it towards modern times, that it sure knows how to come into power and stay there but is absolutely inept at managing its administration, and above all else, you must know that nobody trusts you anymore.

Mr. Prime Minister, lets cut the crap!
Let's stop playing those games of the past which a generation hurt and wounded post partition forgave you for because it was simply grateful for having survived the worst bloodshed during the most painful separation it was forced to endure.
This generation and the ones following this one are unforgiving.
They are informed and they are aware.
They can see through your devious devices and petty politics and they can understand what you are up to when you make attempts to muzzle their voice and pull a fast one on them by creating a chaos around the systemic problems under which you bury real issues. E:g: Sheila Dixit at loggerheads with Commissioner of Police, New Delhi.

Face it Mr. Prime Minister, the youth today means business and will not settle for anything less.
They are not impressed with any of you in power, and they cannot tolerate you patting each others backs for having caught the culprits behind the rape within 24 hours of the crime.
If you are listening, which I doubt, you will hear that you cannot be in power if you don't do your jobs right, and doing your jobs right is not about nabbing offenders, but ensuring that the offenders dare not commit an offence.

I hope you can see that the future of politics is not going to be about secularism and non secularism.
The next generations do not believe that their religion defines them.
The next generations are searching for their identity in their achievements and they will find it, even if it means that it will be at the cost of losing you.

Please understand that they understand consumerism Mr. Prime Minister, and know that they should get value for the price they pay for a product and since you are a renowned economist, let me speak in your language.
You, your government and your administration, are products which the citizens of this country, the educated, the uneducated, the privileged and those not, your consumers, pay for with their hard earned money and you must know that they are not at all satisfied with the adulterated form of management they get back in return for it.

Mr. Prime Minister, I beg you to see the writing on the wall.
The theater in parliament is unacceptable.
The adjournments and the waste of public money to uphold the drama, your pageant, even more so.
You have been elected and appointed, paid and given privileges, to work for us, not for battling your opposition, and day by day, week after week, session upon session. and every year, you are letting us down and wasting our money.

Now you please listen to us:
Get to work and call for a special session of Parliament.
Make up for all the precious time you have wasted and assure us that you will deliver the goods.
Pass all those laws pending which will secure Indians.
Amend those which are archaic.
There should be 33% representation of women in Parliament and it should be mandatory for every party to have necessary number of women contesting elections in 2014.
You have to depoliticize the police force and set in reforms in its institutions with immediate effect.
Let heads of those who don't perform roll.
We don't want even one candidate of any political party who has a criminal track record in past or present to get a ticket and to be able to contest elections in 2014.
We want you to see to it that each and every candidate who stands for election in 2014 has a minimum qualification, that of being a graduate.

Mr. Prime Minister, the people of this country are much more powerful than what you, the media and your propagandists think, far more reliable and popular.
They are gentle and sensitive.
Don't arouse the worst in them and don't impose your will upon them because if it explodes, there will be an awakening, but one that will blind you and your tribe forever.
Don't push it Mr. Prime Minister.
We beg of you!!!



Unknown said…
U have literally penned down the sentiments of th today's youth, the feeling of restlessness and the blatant misuse of power wil definitely boil over and bring about a sea change.....we are all about to hit an inflection point
Gaurav said…
great article..not sure abt the demand for 33% reservation for may not actually help women (besides those who get power)...Indira Gandhi was one of our most powerful PMs..was her reign significantly better for women than other male PMS...I thnk not..she only institutionalized corruption and dynasty politics..
Anonymous said…
Half the people you speak for have gone to sleep hungry tonight ms.nanda.the other half has gone to sleep with its belly full and the unwashed dishes under the kitchen sink, which shall be washed by the "1st" half tomorrow. This revolution which you speak of will not happen unless women are ready to go to jail for this, irrespective of their social standing. Rights have never been handed out on a platter.the hardest fought freedoms are the sweetest, and make no mistake, A majority of the indian women are anything but free.
KameshTenneti said…
If its your first post - then its really commendable for the content and the PUNCH
What India needs is not simply ARM Twisted ( American ... Walmart) reforms but some tangible Social Reforms. Hope and Pray the Deaf and Dumb PM listens.. Theek Hai?
blue said…
imagine Nirbhaya was fighting for her life and Mr.Narendra Modi was taking oath with all top politicians,,,with big funfair.......
Not a single MALE POLITICIAN condemn this dastardly/henious crime......
Mr. PM do u want our country to be BANANA REPUBLIC WHERE FITTEST TO SURVIVE??????WELL if u want we can and take laws in our hand and we as citizen are quite capable of looking after ourselves,,,,,,after all even we ve to survive....and its high time u stop passing the buck and keep on repeating ur mistake again and again.......
looks like we ve chosen cowards as to run our country.