It's frightening, the times we are living in. The system is not collapsing. 
It is high time we realize that it has collapsed and been buried, without any traces, without a new system to replace it anywhere in sight. 
Things in our country happen on their own. There are institutions and intitutions and organisations and organisations, all running on their own and going whichever way circumstances are taking them. 
Bomblasts, encounters, arrests, releases, kidnappings, murders, crimes and punishments, all at will. 
Wherever it can, private sector is taking over as public sector fails. 
Wherever it cannot, the public sector is left to rot. 
Neta's, Politicians and scary faces emerge and speak to the camera's on Television, faking assurances and reassurances, but everybody knows, that each day could be their last day on this earth. But the powers that (don't) be couldn't really be bothered. 
However many may die each day, there are still too many mouths to feed.
They cry foul and say that the rich are getting richer and not sharing their wealth. 
But who is paying taxes? The rich. Those who can. 
And what are they getting in return for what they are paying? Nothing. 
It's the taxes collected with the exchequer that need to be distributed correctly across the board. But where there exists no system, how will the process of distribution take place?
It's all such a mess, but life still goes on. 
People still continue to live and die without asking questions, and without raising their voice.
Those who question and raise their voice are those who have been driven to earn their livelihoods from illegitimate functions by the very system which has marginalised them and alienated them from the mainstream.
It's a sad state of affairs when a Police Officer of the rank of an Inspector who has recieved several medals in the past for gallantry, is shot dead with four bullets in his stomach, when he goes with a small contingent to arrest deadly terrorists (alledged) in a congested area in the capital of the country during broad daylight, without wearing a bullet proof vest. 
This, really freaks me out..... 


Vinata..I know it sounds like it is very bad..but it is not that bad..we shall optimistic..