Ramadoss v/s Shivraj Patil
I'm just amazed at how we can't find solutions. 
All hell breaks loose right in front of our eyes and the only reason why the Government is unable to handle the situation is because it is a part of the circus. 
A participant in the chaos and a player in the game. 
What a pity that a country reeling under terrorist attacks, riots, arson, vandalism and lathi charge, is busy debating whether article 377 should be abolished or not. 
Come off it for Gods sake! Have we gone crazy or what? 
Why are we discussing a non issue? 
An achaic law is a redundant aspect of our constitution. 
2.6 million people are out of the closet. Millions more don't dare to come out because one Mr. Singhal or the other, afraid perhaps of having to face his own feminine side, refuses to see sense, or allow anybody else to do so. 
Can't we see the protest? 
Can't we see the desperation of tens of millions, wanting to gain legitimacy? 
This is sheer madness that an article 377 exists. The Ministry of Health wants it abolished, and the Home Ministry wants it to be imposed. Wow! 
No wonder, the Samajwadi party threatens to walk out of the present UPA if the Home Minister Shivraj Patil is not shown the door. Should he be focused on calming waters in Assam, Karnataka, Orissa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, the Capital City, Noida, infiltration in J&K, or should he be worried about Gay rights? 
While he should be propogating non violence with the seriousness that Ramadoss is following up on the ban on smoking, he's too caught up with things that should be left to the Ministry of Health to sort out. And only if he were to leave it to Ramadoss, he would realize that the issue is already put to rest and that Mr. Ramadoss can now focus on more important things like the measles vaccine that was contaminated and when given to hundreds of children to prevent them from death, almost killed them.


RANJIT said…
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