Condemnation is not the answer. 
Accusation, blame, protest, hatred, ostracization, nor attacks against terrorism. 
The spirit of Mumbai will feel as false as it looks nowadays.
None of these are the solutions to the mindless carnage and violence that is taking place across the world and at present in Mumbai, the financial capital and city of dreams for all Indians in the world. 
This is the war of the have nots against the haves. 
This is a global phenomenon and the richer the state we are, the more fortified, more protected, and therefore under seige. 
We are imprisoned, ensnared in the net of the false illusion called protection.
When about 50 men armed in a boat loaded with the most sophisticated weapons. ammunition and powerful explosives can enter a metropolis, past its well guarded port by sea, and hold a city of 20 million people hostage, crushing the entire security system into realization of its redundancy and beating the entire cities police force to a pulp of decadence, its time to freeze. 
Time to stop for a few days, rewind, and go back to the beginning from where we started, so we can correctly view where we are today. 
It is 15 hours since they attacked the two luxury hotels which are still under seige and there is no sight of a closure yet. I'm not even talking about the 8 other places which were under the raging fire of the terrorists hatred in the last 15 hours.
Two luxury hotels in the city of dreams, the financial capital of India and the largest democracy in the world are in control of 50 insane people driven by their religious zeal, and while a few good men from the IPS, ATS and the Police Force have fallen, we sit in our homes waiting to hear the news of when scores of innocent people held hostage inside these two palaces of power and for the powerful, will be released and when this attack will cease.
Naval Commandos, the Army , the Rapid Action Force and the Special Protection Group are all in there, yet there is no end in sight. 
The Chief Minister of the state is speechless, the home minister of the nation, confused and the leader of the opposition  is not letting an opportunity go by,  making most of it to his advantage for the elections which are round the corner. 
The President of India, the Prime Minister of India and the leader of the ruling party Congress, who controls the entire system of governance of the country in the palms of her two soft hands, are silent.
What will they say?
Will they ever admit that they have failed us?
Will they ever accept that the nation as a whole has to come to terms with the fact that we as a country are incapable of sustaining our freedom? 
A struggle for which had lasted over a century, before we achieved independence  in 1947? 
A movement that was led by men and women of credibility... 
Who had a dream and had assured that generation, which are the devastated senior citizens of today, that all will be well henceforth...

Equity is the only answer. 
And all those who have been and, are in power since the last 60 years are guilty of having brought about the worst disparity ever by fuelling and inciting religious and communal passions for their own vested interests.
An equanimity amongst all the people who exist and have taken birth on this earth is the only solution. 
Nature has provided for all, therefore what is available, has to distributed to all. 
As we evolve as a race, everyone must have atleast the basics that they need and no one must suffer for no fault. 
Then you can take action and be accountable for your actions. 
Then you can speak and be respected for every word you say.
Each and every person should get his/her due. Whether it is education, shelter, health services, opportunity and respect. It has to be distributed across the board and everyone must be included. 
Today the two forts of the mighty and the powerful have been brought down to ashes. So there is no security even in those safe havens that only the rich can afford. 
Those who have will HAVE TO share with those who don't have. 
The entire world has to collectively and, immediately look at sustainable methods to distribute the wealth of power, fuel, food, knowledge and all other expensive material,  for a compromise to be brought about between those who think they have been left out in the last leg and we know can only be humbled by a healing touch, and those who are now insecure even under the protection of their wealth and power.
Otherwise, the end is near and we better then, be prepared for it.