So it is finally hitting us and really hard at that?! 
How long could we have evaded the real thing? 
When the largest economy in Europe Germany, the most robust economy in Asia China, and the United States of America have declared recession, I wonder with what face we still go on pretending like it is not about to come upon us. 
Pretending, just like we have done for the past two decades about AIDS: like it was never going to happen to us in India while the rest of the world was threatened by it. 
But then, we are a God fearing lot, we don't believe in sex because we consider it dirty, even though in the name of God almost every sect and community is resorting to terror to get themselves heard by our deaf state. 
We don't legitimise the gay community because they don't exist in our country and if they ever surface, we punish them, and then right there in front of us, hurtling like a missile comes a huge block buster called Dostana, takes the whole of India by storm and blasts two gay men of Indian origin in our faces who also pretend that they are not gay. 
Or is that they pretend that they are gay?
What is wrong with us? Why do a bunch of gay men who have the resources to make a film about the gay culture that stares at us from every peep hole in the dark black room that we have cocooned ourselves in, have to go from London to Miami with their characters, and even then make a film about two gay men pretending to be gay, or pretending not to be gay.
It goes on to become a huge hit anyway, and the Indian audiences, from mothers to daughters, to sons and fathers, to husbands and wives to gay and lesbian couples, go lap it up like they were starving for it. 
When will we stop pretending? When will we finally be able to accept our realities like the rest of the world has already done, and is marching way ahead of us, even in times of recession? 
When will we stop sweeping facts about ourselves under the carpet and put an end to this convoluted mess called fiction.
From Saas Bahu's to mythologicals, from mindless comedy to senseless drama, from povety to recession, from hunger to illitracy, from violence to terror and from lack of governance to corruption, every single problem haunts us, but we just carry on pretending like everything is alright.
We will go crazy like this! Or are we already crazy and we don't really know that?!
The Television Industry has come to a grinding halt, the film industry has frozen all future plans for the time being and all other industries are laying off people, cutting costs and warning tough times ahead, but the Government of India fails to comply. 
They dare not say that we are in the midst of recession otherwise, the people of India will blame them for it and they will lose votes in the elections which are soon to follow. So lets stay in denial, and let the rest of India stay in denial eand let them not be able to figure out why they are sufferring so much. 
They are used to sufferring anyway, so they will not really worry about what the cause of their pain this time around. 
Oh God, whom we believe in but doesn't seem to exist only for us, help us!!!