When the world is dead... confusion will be its epitaph...

When the world is dead, confusion will be its epitaph. 
The chaos that reigns accross the board is not funny. 
While Obama and Mc Cain go on and on about things that are done to, obviously death, and about things we all know will be forgotten the day after elections are over, terror strikes everywhere one looks.
Is this for real?
Are we all going crazy?! 
Or is this what life is going to be about, for the rest of the time that this world stays alive?
The new virus parocialititus is spreading accross all states in India. 
Reasons being given by leaders of all statures for irrational attacks on public property, cabs and autorickshaws in Maharashtra and inhuman lynching of innocent folk, range from absurdities like people must adapt to the culture of the state they are living in, to me marathi manoos.
Out there in Assam powerful bomb blasts rock the state where about fourteen militant outfits operate as are known, and God alone knows how many as unknown. 
Scores die, hundreds suffer injury and millions fear the unknown for the rest of their lives, but the government and the administration is still guessing, who dunnit?!!
One outfit can outplay the other to create further confusion, and the culprits may never be caught, but our own system must calm nerves by implicating someone, so for all to rest in peace, both the living and the dead, its the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh for now.
So now, the entire focus shifts to those in our country who have immigrated illegally through the north eastern borders and those who have immigrated legally accross all interstate borders within India.
The question is not about who did it legally or who did it illegally. 
The question is about outsiders taking a share of what belongs to the insiders everywhere. 
We have lost sight of what has been going on for the last 70 odd years. 
Forgotten that, had the rest of the world not accepted immigration of labour, brain and the educated from India, we would have been a country with far more frustration and angst than we are today. The entire Indian diaspora which has been applauded for its brilliance and hard work for more than six decades would be homeless and hungry, adding to already existing numbers, because we never had on offer the opportunity to those who left us and went away to make lives, which we are proud of today. 
Today the same syndrome grips us from within and from outside. 
To stop people from gravitating towards places like Mumbai and others, the system has to provide opportunity to them where they are. 
To stop the innocent Marathi Manoos from becoming a ferocious animal guarding his boundaries, infrastructure and development needs to take place at breakneck speed, so that while migrants move into opportune places to make a better life, the lives of those who belong to a better world don't deteriorate. 
To end a process of illegal immigration from Mexico to the USA, the US had to help make Mexico a more developed land, and so, while India boasts of its growth, we have to see that the growth rates of our neighbours like Bangladesh, Nepal and others also improve. 
It is the distribution of development, opportunity and a better world which is uneven, and to see to it that it is evened out is what the job of the government at the centre. 
Instead, the guys at the centre are busy meddling with affairs at the state level, thereby not allowing the guys at the state level to function and obviously ignoring what they themselves have to do.
It really seems like the world is coming to an end because there is nobody, or no system that can control anything.