OBAMA ... the future of hope! (A point of view)

The last couple of centuries have succumbed to the culture of rich becoming richer and accumulating more wealth at any cost. 
At first,  the cost to the world was it's natural process of evolution, the innocence of man and beast which was exploited by those who were hungry for power. 
Then they went on to deplete the world of it's natural resources, by acquiring land, waters, forests and trees, animals and finally depleting the earth of all its environmental resources. 
Now, we have reached a stage where the price we will have to pay, for the rich to become richer than they already are, and for the powerful to become more powerful, is human life. 
The birth of terrorism took place because of the shameless greed of one section of society to acquire more wealth and power than they already had, distributing it unequally and leaving the poor to rely on their fate and destiny.
I see the economic downslide and melt down as a conspiracy of 'that' world, to ascertain the failure, of the success of Obama's election into the highest office on earth...
When the entire globe had seen through their manipulations and the whole world has witnessed their attrocities...
When every nation, its' society and community had busted the perception they sold for decades, of bringing Equality, Justice and Freedom to the rest of the world and understood that it was an eye wash...
They were left without the support of their greatest and most vicious tool, ' marketing'.  
So they caved in when they saw Obama's popularity grow and the support he got from the rest of the world soar. 
They could not control the surge and the power of the 'vote', as it tore through the entire world like the greatest Tsunami ever, so they watched helplessly and silently, as the ballot was cast and they were ousted.  

The vote was something no amount of their wealth could buy. 
So when every poor, middle class and struggling man and woman voted, the rich and the powerful were outnumbered and they were lost. 
That the voters were black, white, brown, yellow, hindu, muslim, christian, jew or non believers, did not matter, because they were far greater in numbers, and out there in the world where people work hard for every penny that they earn, and people believe in God because He is their only hope, it does not matter who you are. 
Out there all they seek is Justice, Equality, Liberty, Freedom. Dignity and Inclusion.

Those, who had the wealth and the power and had monopolized it, for the last so many decades, pulled out. 
The downturn happenned.
'Now, lets see Obama turn this around', became their mantra, as they went back to their homes in Texas and Minnesota and wherever else, to rest for a while, and watch the story unfold further. 
It was not rhetoric when Obama took his oath and assured the world that he will live upto all committments he made during his campaign. 
He will raise the bar of education and health services, provide jobs by creating them, end wars through diplomatic dialogue with wounded countries that his armies are fighting in, fight recession and reach justice, freedom, liberty and equality to everyone. 
His intentions are clear and with the skills of good management his strategy and plan is in place.
But what is also clearly visible is the look on the faces of the cynics.
We must watch them be wary of them. 
They are all well fed and waiting. 
They will wait to see how Obama succeeds in present circumstances of the economic problems which were revealed at the tail end of Bushs' tenure as the President of the United States of America, that he has inherited.
It is important for the whole world to recognize that Obama is idealistic and it is only idealism which can save the world from further angst, pain and bloodshed. 
It was the voters, the middle class people of America and their idealism and generosity which contributed to the wealth, which finally brought Obama to power.
They saw in him the man who could actually bring about the CHANGE they yearned for.
Left without the further support from the masses, and donations from the middle class, the struggling and the poor, he will lose steam and find himself to be a victim of the recession which usually takes over, when the rich stop spending their money and the poor start loosing their jobs. 
It is important for everyone to understand that the people who brought Obama to power, will have to hold him up. 
It is important for the rest of the world to realize that it was their support that galvanized the movement which began in a small town in America and shook the world into recognizing that a black man ostracized in a country 60 years ago, can lead the nation, the world today. 
It is his history of slavery and struggle, of anguish and bondage that will bring the touch of compassion into governance around the world, unlike the history of war, discrimination and enemity, which had dictated policy until now.

This is a young world all over again and it is time to write history one more time, so that we can all forget the past. 
If Obama fails, there will never be another tomorrow for a long time to come. 
So I think, it's time for the entire world to pull up its socks, roll up its sleeves and get to work. 
Let the movement that began a few years ago not end here, let it take flight today.
It was technology that led to the invasion of this powerful force called 'truth' which has woken up the world. 
Let not those who are waiting and watching, find a way to muzzle technology with their wealth and power, that has given birth to a totally democratic generation of people in every nook and corner of the world, by providing information and communicating the truth at every doorstep.