AK Matoo irritates.
For no other reason but the fact that he is the typical face of Indian beaurocracy which pops up from nowhere when politicians in India go underground and officials who aided them to cheat the people of India are suspended.
Now, Mr. Matoo is the only face of the Government of India which is visible apart from Mani Shankar Iyer who is smug and satisfied with an 'I told you so' attitude towards the media as well as the Government which at present is run by the party which he belongs to. Somebody has obviously convinced Mr. Matoo that he is saving grace, having taken over charge from the suspended crooks barely a month ago because of a clean track record. He seems to be so out of sync with the reality and he is in some sort of delusion that he is an overnight star. Why else would he be chased by the media?
He, in all his commitment to the games is obviously oblivious to the fact that the real culprits are probably watching the proceedings on television completely grateful that they are as forgotten as their names and faces are.
Everything is as was expected, but Iyer's politics is something I cannot understand.
Is it that he has been appointed by his own party to hit Kalmadi till he runs away?
I wish it were true.
Or is it that he really doesn't care a damn about his future with his party because he knows that the Congress itself has no future?
How can it have a future, when at the moment it seems like India itself, has none?
Slumdog Millionaire was the first slap on India's face in public view of an international audience when it sprung up a surprise out of nowhere in our faces and smacked the sacred cow's dung on our cheek with the very shit that we live in and desperately try to hide.
We like fake Gandhians proffered our other cheek, so here comes the next in the form of the Commonwealth Games. The dog and his faeces in the athletes quarters, the collapse of the overbridge and the disgust of the entire world with the way things function in our country.
We should've expected it and seen it coming.
How long were we going to paint a picture of our nation as one which would fool the world to believe that there is something about us, our culture, our heritage and our ancient civilization which makes us higher than the rest of the world when it comes to the universal design of the truth?
How long were we going to hide the ugly faces of the Bhanots and one Sardarji whose name I forget behind the kanjeevaram sarees and erudite elite of our South Indian beaurocracy which is slowly dissapearing to accomodate all the various candidates who come through reservations to partake in handling the Great Indian Administration where loyalty to politicians helps them to make a fast buck?
The Commonwealth Games was one more attempt by the governing bosses to color the walls with such brightness that the bling blinds the world from viewing India as a pathetic poor nation where millions of children die everyday due to malnutrition and huge metropolises are built by cheap labor which is exploited by the builder lobby which comprises of politicians themselves.
Sad is not the word to be used here because there is no redemption and nobody is ready to forgive anymore. One comment of Chetan Bhagats on Times Now when he spoke to Arnab Goswami this evening sent a chill up my spine. He said, "what are we going to tell our children? That corruption is OK? Are we going to let our children grow up to be like us who believed while we were raised by our parents, that corruption is OK?"
That is so true!!!
We are an entire generation, well almost, who were made to learn to cheat by our parents and mentors because they were so afraid, they so feared how we would survive the world which they saw coming.
Not me.
I grew up to believe that I had foolish parents.
I, at a certain stage of my adult years actually regretted that I was born to a family which never taught me how to snatch, trample, grab and shamelessly claim what was not mine. I was never told that guilt is a useless emotion therefore what I do to earn money to secure the future of my children and myself, should not bother me.
I was never told that what I learnt in school and later college was complete bullshit and that in the real world, none of those values apply.
I had friends and I still have many more who often laughed at me, as they would tell me that my sense of idealism and faith in hard work was false and that neither the pretence nor the genuinity of it was going to get me anywhere. They were always confused about whether I was really honest or only projecting myself to be true.
However, this article is not about me, but about MY INDIA which has been trashed by the elected representatives of the people of my country to safeguard my interests and take my nation to the highest places.
No amount of damning and name calling the criminals at the helm of affairs is going to be enough now.
They don't even deserve our ire.
What the people of India should do is to sweep them off the floor like dust and throw them away in the garbage where the vultures of time can swoop upon them for their meat which perhaps night even be poisonous.
Gosh! To think that the keepers of law and order don't obey the law themselves!
So much so that the very labourer who lies crippled and wounded under the collapsed overbridge was the man who was at first supposed to recieve his due for toiling in the scorching heat and freezing cold of New Delhi for two long years to build a stadia for the classes to show off their status to rest of the world.
At first, as per labour laws, it was he who should have been provided with decent living conditions where he worked like a dog through night and day to make Kalmadi's dream come true.
As per the law, there are specifications to the size of his living quarters and amenities he has rights to, because as per the constitution of India, he must be treated like a human being.
But no!
This is the country where the standards of hygiene are such that a dog sleeps on an athletes bed, and dumps all over the floor of the athlete's bedroom while a human child, crows and a cow scavenge off the same garbage dump in various nooks and corners everywhere, in small towns and in big cities, often right outside state of art structures which house the elite.
Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!
Till the day we don't get it, until the day we don't realize that the man working at a wage barely Rs. 20 a day, deserves respect, we will never have the freedom nor the conscience to host or provide hospitality at an International event.