Friday, October 17, 2008

PARTITION OR PARTISAN in continuation of decriminalization

The arguements over whether homosexuality should be decriminalised or not in the Delhi High Court, are getting so bizzarre that they better end the battle soon, come to a truce, or the next thing we know is that the Indian Gay community will make demands for a land of their own. 
And I wonder which state they will ask for?!!
Madhya Pradesh?
WOW! The tribe exists everywhere in huge numbers and belongs to all castes, creed, religions, languages, states and cultures.
Can you believe that the Home Ministers gang is actually pleading with the court not to go ahead with decriminalising homosexuality on the ground that it will further divide the country? 
They are giving the status of a minority to the gay tribe. 
This I believe is the first step towards their defeat in their fight gainst Ramadoss and the Ministry of Health, because they have conceded that homosexuals are a force of people who exist (and not just groups of perverts), and that they are a minority, therefore we should (however absurd it may sound) not listen to them.
We should not give in to their demands until there is an uprising, and like a Mayavati emerged as a leader of the Dalits after a frightening movement in the 80's, and various monsters emerged as leaders of minorities in Kashmir, Assam and other heartbreaking emerging revolutions in various states, after genocide, we should await yet another masacre, yet another round of bloodshed and only then give in.
Then when we decrimonalise the community, we will also agree to give them quotas in all walks of life and merit them with inclusion.
Why can't Indians and its great democracy that boasts of secularism just once and for all come to terms with the fact that the entire world today is a melting pot of ethnic and urban cultures, religions, languages, foods and sexualities. 
That the melting pot is going to grow bigger in numbers, and that those holding on to their so called hypocritical values dogged by double standards, like children holding on to their mothers apronstrings in adulthood, will remain a diminishing minority. 
Can't we just accept all kinds instead of rejecting them before losing to them?
Isn't that how we will achieve peace in this world?
Won't we all become a highly evolved race once we realise that it takes all kinds to make the world and that co existence is what brings about ahimsa, non violence and peace?
Mr. Shivraj Patil might be appeasing his vote bank, but doesn't he realise that he is losing out to another huge number?

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Time to talk about the insane,  nonsensical and regressive movement, by a bunch of uneducated, illiterate, dumb and useless people. 
What the hell are the Bajrang Dal lot doing in Orrisa and Karnataka? 
Have they gone crazy or what? 
Is this any way to get noticed and appear in the news? 
Christianity has existed in India for the last 2000 years. Yet just a 2.6% of the entire population is catholic. A people in this country who believe they are doing service to God. 
Just 2.6%!!!
Their God is Jesus. 
Who is your God? 
I am a Hindu, and a devout one at that, but I know that none of the million Gods I believe in, belong to any of you. 
I pray to all my Gods that some sense prevails on you and we start treating our temples like christians treat their churches. 
We keep our places of worship as clean, and as pure as they keep their places of worship. 
I pray everyday that we too, like the christians realise that our temples are not just an expression of the wealth of the wealthy but actually such places of worship in which our wealthy offer their money for service to mankind. 
If all offerings are gold embedded with precious stone seats or crowns for our idols, engraved with the names of the charitable so that they are immortalised along with the Lords, then who will contribute towards education, food, shelter and security for the poorest of the poor?
Trust me , its time to take a serious and hard look at our own religion. 
Time to realise why people need to convert from having no religion to christianity. (Or take up christianity as a religion in this case, because conversion is out of question). 
What religion does that poor man or woman belong to whose children scavenge with cows and buffaloes on the same garbage dumps in our country?
What religion do those desperates belong too who are subjected to menial labour across the nation building highways and highrises and not even paid a price of dignity for a whole relentless day of painful labour?
Do we value them?
Do we care about their children?
Do we give a damn about the fact that the fat contractor is taking away all their money while they subsist on bare wages, that hardly see them through a single meal a day existence?
Do we once give a thought to the conditions they live in, come hail or storm, and the manner in which they die?
Do we call them Hindus or  do we call them Muslims when we see them lying in anguish and pain ouside temples and mosques, crippled with leprosy and begging for survival, while the pandas and pundits get fatter and fatter consuming free supplies of milk, ghee and cash offerrings?
Do we build schools for the children strewn across the landscapes?
Do we set up medical facilities?
Do we create shelters?
Do we dole out free meals and livlihoods with all the collections which are rounded up in crores and crores every year?
So we dare not question those who do. 
Dare not point a finger at Mother Teresa's nuns and the priests belonging to various parishes, as they are only doing what each one of us should be doing.
They are giving the needy a faith to believe in, a religion to follow and a God who they can call their own.
Dare we say a word against them unless we have the desire and the decipline, as well as the compassion in our hearts to do the same.
Take missionary positions, you creatures, else shut your mouths before we stuff them with your own words which will be too hard to swallow.

Monday, October 6, 2008


 It almost seems like we grew up in liberal times. 
In 'times that are a changin', as Bob Dylan sang, and as in the revolutionary phase, at the times when tolerance was the message and 'Buffalo Soldier' by Bob Marley filled the air that we were breathing. 
Everything was going well and life progressed steadily until about a decade and a half ago. It's only in the last 15 years, that fear has gripped us enmasse. 
There was the holocaust, partition, bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and a whole lot of other human failures, but we could protest. We could condemn. We could write songs, bring the whole world together to sing them against social and political injustice and stand unitedly to shout foul. And the powers, the ones who could fault, feared that.
Today there is a shameless display of wealth and exercise of power, because a common man can no longer protest. He is the victim of the war being waged amongst others.
Who are they?
Who are we fighting against?
Do we know them?
Are they amongst us, and we don't see them?
Ironic, that in the times of an information and communication revolution, the public, across the globe has lost its voice.Its words. Its lyrics. Its poetry. And it's song.
Who do we sing for? 
Or who against?
Is the criminal really the suspect?
Or the culprit really the criminal?
For fear of being found standing alone and therefore condemned for having stood for humankind as a whole, nobody dares to plan with another to shout 'Unfair".
What is unfair?
That you are being fed, educated and given shelter?
Or that another isn't?
All is fair. 
Poverty is fair, Riches are fair and conformity to the system that calls itself democracy but is absolutely dictatorial, is fair. 
War, that is being fought against a common enemy across the globe, is fair. 
The war against terrorists and nations that support terrorism. 
What's unfair is the people who have taken to the gun. 
Unfair are those who were left with no choice but to take to the gun because they lips were forcefully sealed and therfore they ceased to be heard. 
Or so thought the rest of the world, until the sounds of bomb blasts reverbrated in their homes, either on their television sets, or somewhere in their neighbourhoods.
Now they cannot be ignored. They don't speak, they cause terror. They kill, they masacre, they plunder, they loot and they are ruthless. 
And all the armed forces in every single country in the world fights them.
It's time we allow them to speak and hear them out, else we're heading towards deadlier times. 
Open dialogue. Listen to them, and stop speaking yourselves.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Ramadoss v/s Shivraj Patil
I'm just amazed at how we can't find solutions. 
All hell breaks loose right in front of our eyes and the only reason why the Government is unable to handle the situation is because it is a part of the circus. 
A participant in the chaos and a player in the game. 
What a pity that a country reeling under terrorist attacks, riots, arson, vandalism and lathi charge, is busy debating whether article 377 should be abolished or not. 
Come off it for Gods sake! Have we gone crazy or what? 
Why are we discussing a non issue? 
An achaic law is a redundant aspect of our constitution. 
2.6 million people are out of the closet. Millions more don't dare to come out because one Mr. Singhal or the other, afraid perhaps of having to face his own feminine side, refuses to see sense, or allow anybody else to do so. 
Can't we see the protest? 
Can't we see the desperation of tens of millions, wanting to gain legitimacy? 
This is sheer madness that an article 377 exists. The Ministry of Health wants it abolished, and the Home Ministry wants it to be imposed. Wow! 
No wonder, the Samajwadi party threatens to walk out of the present UPA if the Home Minister Shivraj Patil is not shown the door. Should he be focused on calming waters in Assam, Karnataka, Orissa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, the Capital City, Noida, infiltration in J&K, or should he be worried about Gay rights? 
While he should be propogating non violence with the seriousness that Ramadoss is following up on the ban on smoking, he's too caught up with things that should be left to the Ministry of Health to sort out. And only if he were to leave it to Ramadoss, he would realize that the issue is already put to rest and that Mr. Ramadoss can now focus on more important things like the measles vaccine that was contaminated and when given to hundreds of children to prevent them from death, almost killed them.