Thursday, November 27, 2008


Condemnation is not the answer. 
Accusation, blame, protest, hatred, ostracization, nor attacks against terrorism. 
The spirit of Mumbai will feel as false as it looks nowadays.
None of these are the solutions to the mindless carnage and violence that is taking place across the world and at present in Mumbai, the financial capital and city of dreams for all Indians in the world. 
This is the war of the have nots against the haves. 
This is a global phenomenon and the richer the state we are, the more fortified, more protected, and therefore under seige. 
We are imprisoned, ensnared in the net of the false illusion called protection.
When about 50 men armed in a boat loaded with the most sophisticated weapons. ammunition and powerful explosives can enter a metropolis, past its well guarded port by sea, and hold a city of 20 million people hostage, crushing the entire security system into realization of its redundancy and beating the entire cities police force to a pulp of decadence, its time to freeze. 
Time to stop for a few days, rewind, and go back to the beginning from where we started, so we can correctly view where we are today. 
It is 15 hours since they attacked the two luxury hotels which are still under seige and there is no sight of a closure yet. I'm not even talking about the 8 other places which were under the raging fire of the terrorists hatred in the last 15 hours.
Two luxury hotels in the city of dreams, the financial capital of India and the largest democracy in the world are in control of 50 insane people driven by their religious zeal, and while a few good men from the IPS, ATS and the Police Force have fallen, we sit in our homes waiting to hear the news of when scores of innocent people held hostage inside these two palaces of power and for the powerful, will be released and when this attack will cease.
Naval Commandos, the Army , the Rapid Action Force and the Special Protection Group are all in there, yet there is no end in sight. 
The Chief Minister of the state is speechless, the home minister of the nation, confused and the leader of the opposition  is not letting an opportunity go by,  making most of it to his advantage for the elections which are round the corner. 
The President of India, the Prime Minister of India and the leader of the ruling party Congress, who controls the entire system of governance of the country in the palms of her two soft hands, are silent.
What will they say?
Will they ever admit that they have failed us?
Will they ever accept that the nation as a whole has to come to terms with the fact that we as a country are incapable of sustaining our freedom? 
A struggle for which had lasted over a century, before we achieved independence  in 1947? 
A movement that was led by men and women of credibility... 
Who had a dream and had assured that generation, which are the devastated senior citizens of today, that all will be well henceforth...

Equity is the only answer. 
And all those who have been and, are in power since the last 60 years are guilty of having brought about the worst disparity ever by fuelling and inciting religious and communal passions for their own vested interests.
An equanimity amongst all the people who exist and have taken birth on this earth is the only solution. 
Nature has provided for all, therefore what is available, has to distributed to all. 
As we evolve as a race, everyone must have atleast the basics that they need and no one must suffer for no fault. 
Then you can take action and be accountable for your actions. 
Then you can speak and be respected for every word you say.
Each and every person should get his/her due. Whether it is education, shelter, health services, opportunity and respect. It has to be distributed across the board and everyone must be included. 
Today the two forts of the mighty and the powerful have been brought down to ashes. So there is no security even in those safe havens that only the rich can afford. 
Those who have will HAVE TO share with those who don't have. 
The entire world has to collectively and, immediately look at sustainable methods to distribute the wealth of power, fuel, food, knowledge and all other expensive material,  for a compromise to be brought about between those who think they have been left out in the last leg and we know can only be humbled by a healing touch, and those who are now insecure even under the protection of their wealth and power.
Otherwise, the end is near and we better then, be prepared for it.

Monday, November 17, 2008


So it is finally hitting us and really hard at that?! 
How long could we have evaded the real thing? 
When the largest economy in Europe Germany, the most robust economy in Asia China, and the United States of America have declared recession, I wonder with what face we still go on pretending like it is not about to come upon us. 
Pretending, just like we have done for the past two decades about AIDS: like it was never going to happen to us in India while the rest of the world was threatened by it. 
But then, we are a God fearing lot, we don't believe in sex because we consider it dirty, even though in the name of God almost every sect and community is resorting to terror to get themselves heard by our deaf state. 
We don't legitimise the gay community because they don't exist in our country and if they ever surface, we punish them, and then right there in front of us, hurtling like a missile comes a huge block buster called Dostana, takes the whole of India by storm and blasts two gay men of Indian origin in our faces who also pretend that they are not gay. 
Or is that they pretend that they are gay?
What is wrong with us? Why do a bunch of gay men who have the resources to make a film about the gay culture that stares at us from every peep hole in the dark black room that we have cocooned ourselves in, have to go from London to Miami with their characters, and even then make a film about two gay men pretending to be gay, or pretending not to be gay.
It goes on to become a huge hit anyway, and the Indian audiences, from mothers to daughters, to sons and fathers, to husbands and wives to gay and lesbian couples, go lap it up like they were starving for it. 
When will we stop pretending? When will we finally be able to accept our realities like the rest of the world has already done, and is marching way ahead of us, even in times of recession? 
When will we stop sweeping facts about ourselves under the carpet and put an end to this convoluted mess called fiction.
From Saas Bahu's to mythologicals, from mindless comedy to senseless drama, from povety to recession, from hunger to illitracy, from violence to terror and from lack of governance to corruption, every single problem haunts us, but we just carry on pretending like everything is alright.
We will go crazy like this! Or are we already crazy and we don't really know that?!
The Television Industry has come to a grinding halt, the film industry has frozen all future plans for the time being and all other industries are laying off people, cutting costs and warning tough times ahead, but the Government of India fails to comply. 
They dare not say that we are in the midst of recession otherwise, the people of India will blame them for it and they will lose votes in the elections which are soon to follow. So lets stay in denial, and let the rest of India stay in denial eand let them not be able to figure out why they are sufferring so much. 
They are used to sufferring anyway, so they will not really worry about what the cause of their pain this time around. 
Oh God, whom we believe in but doesn't seem to exist only for us, help us!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

When the world is dead... confusion will be its epitaph...

When the world is dead, confusion will be its epitaph. 
The chaos that reigns accross the board is not funny. 
While Obama and Mc Cain go on and on about things that are done to, obviously death, and about things we all know will be forgotten the day after elections are over, terror strikes everywhere one looks.
Is this for real?
Are we all going crazy?! 
Or is this what life is going to be about, for the rest of the time that this world stays alive?
The new virus parocialititus is spreading accross all states in India. 
Reasons being given by leaders of all statures for irrational attacks on public property, cabs and autorickshaws in Maharashtra and inhuman lynching of innocent folk, range from absurdities like people must adapt to the culture of the state they are living in, to me marathi manoos.
Out there in Assam powerful bomb blasts rock the state where about fourteen militant outfits operate as are known, and God alone knows how many as unknown. 
Scores die, hundreds suffer injury and millions fear the unknown for the rest of their lives, but the government and the administration is still guessing, who dunnit?!!
One outfit can outplay the other to create further confusion, and the culprits may never be caught, but our own system must calm nerves by implicating someone, so for all to rest in peace, both the living and the dead, its the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh for now.
So now, the entire focus shifts to those in our country who have immigrated illegally through the north eastern borders and those who have immigrated legally accross all interstate borders within India.
The question is not about who did it legally or who did it illegally. 
The question is about outsiders taking a share of what belongs to the insiders everywhere. 
We have lost sight of what has been going on for the last 70 odd years. 
Forgotten that, had the rest of the world not accepted immigration of labour, brain and the educated from India, we would have been a country with far more frustration and angst than we are today. The entire Indian diaspora which has been applauded for its brilliance and hard work for more than six decades would be homeless and hungry, adding to already existing numbers, because we never had on offer the opportunity to those who left us and went away to make lives, which we are proud of today. 
Today the same syndrome grips us from within and from outside. 
To stop people from gravitating towards places like Mumbai and others, the system has to provide opportunity to them where they are. 
To stop the innocent Marathi Manoos from becoming a ferocious animal guarding his boundaries, infrastructure and development needs to take place at breakneck speed, so that while migrants move into opportune places to make a better life, the lives of those who belong to a better world don't deteriorate. 
To end a process of illegal immigration from Mexico to the USA, the US had to help make Mexico a more developed land, and so, while India boasts of its growth, we have to see that the growth rates of our neighbours like Bangladesh, Nepal and others also improve. 
It is the distribution of development, opportunity and a better world which is uneven, and to see to it that it is evened out is what the job of the government at the centre. 
Instead, the guys at the centre are busy meddling with affairs at the state level, thereby not allowing the guys at the state level to function and obviously ignoring what they themselves have to do.
It really seems like the world is coming to an end because there is nobody, or no system that can control anything. 

Friday, October 17, 2008

PARTITION OR PARTISAN in continuation of decriminalization

The arguements over whether homosexuality should be decriminalised or not in the Delhi High Court, are getting so bizzarre that they better end the battle soon, come to a truce, or the next thing we know is that the Indian Gay community will make demands for a land of their own. 
And I wonder which state they will ask for?!!
Madhya Pradesh?
WOW! The tribe exists everywhere in huge numbers and belongs to all castes, creed, religions, languages, states and cultures.
Can you believe that the Home Ministers gang is actually pleading with the court not to go ahead with decriminalising homosexuality on the ground that it will further divide the country? 
They are giving the status of a minority to the gay tribe. 
This I believe is the first step towards their defeat in their fight gainst Ramadoss and the Ministry of Health, because they have conceded that homosexuals are a force of people who exist (and not just groups of perverts), and that they are a minority, therefore we should (however absurd it may sound) not listen to them.
We should not give in to their demands until there is an uprising, and like a Mayavati emerged as a leader of the Dalits after a frightening movement in the 80's, and various monsters emerged as leaders of minorities in Kashmir, Assam and other heartbreaking emerging revolutions in various states, after genocide, we should await yet another masacre, yet another round of bloodshed and only then give in.
Then when we decrimonalise the community, we will also agree to give them quotas in all walks of life and merit them with inclusion.
Why can't Indians and its great democracy that boasts of secularism just once and for all come to terms with the fact that the entire world today is a melting pot of ethnic and urban cultures, religions, languages, foods and sexualities. 
That the melting pot is going to grow bigger in numbers, and that those holding on to their so called hypocritical values dogged by double standards, like children holding on to their mothers apronstrings in adulthood, will remain a diminishing minority. 
Can't we just accept all kinds instead of rejecting them before losing to them?
Isn't that how we will achieve peace in this world?
Won't we all become a highly evolved race once we realise that it takes all kinds to make the world and that co existence is what brings about ahimsa, non violence and peace?
Mr. Shivraj Patil might be appeasing his vote bank, but doesn't he realise that he is losing out to another huge number?

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Time to talk about the insane,  nonsensical and regressive movement, by a bunch of uneducated, illiterate, dumb and useless people. 
What the hell are the Bajrang Dal lot doing in Orrisa and Karnataka? 
Have they gone crazy or what? 
Is this any way to get noticed and appear in the news? 
Christianity has existed in India for the last 2000 years. Yet just a 2.6% of the entire population is catholic. A people in this country who believe they are doing service to God. 
Just 2.6%!!!
Their God is Jesus. 
Who is your God? 
I am a Hindu, and a devout one at that, but I know that none of the million Gods I believe in, belong to any of you. 
I pray to all my Gods that some sense prevails on you and we start treating our temples like christians treat their churches. 
We keep our places of worship as clean, and as pure as they keep their places of worship. 
I pray everyday that we too, like the christians realise that our temples are not just an expression of the wealth of the wealthy but actually such places of worship in which our wealthy offer their money for service to mankind. 
If all offerings are gold embedded with precious stone seats or crowns for our idols, engraved with the names of the charitable so that they are immortalised along with the Lords, then who will contribute towards education, food, shelter and security for the poorest of the poor?
Trust me , its time to take a serious and hard look at our own religion. 
Time to realise why people need to convert from having no religion to christianity. (Or take up christianity as a religion in this case, because conversion is out of question). 
What religion does that poor man or woman belong to whose children scavenge with cows and buffaloes on the same garbage dumps in our country?
What religion do those desperates belong too who are subjected to menial labour across the nation building highways and highrises and not even paid a price of dignity for a whole relentless day of painful labour?
Do we value them?
Do we care about their children?
Do we give a damn about the fact that the fat contractor is taking away all their money while they subsist on bare wages, that hardly see them through a single meal a day existence?
Do we once give a thought to the conditions they live in, come hail or storm, and the manner in which they die?
Do we call them Hindus or  do we call them Muslims when we see them lying in anguish and pain ouside temples and mosques, crippled with leprosy and begging for survival, while the pandas and pundits get fatter and fatter consuming free supplies of milk, ghee and cash offerrings?
Do we build schools for the children strewn across the landscapes?
Do we set up medical facilities?
Do we create shelters?
Do we dole out free meals and livlihoods with all the collections which are rounded up in crores and crores every year?
So we dare not question those who do. 
Dare not point a finger at Mother Teresa's nuns and the priests belonging to various parishes, as they are only doing what each one of us should be doing.
They are giving the needy a faith to believe in, a religion to follow and a God who they can call their own.
Dare we say a word against them unless we have the desire and the decipline, as well as the compassion in our hearts to do the same.
Take missionary positions, you creatures, else shut your mouths before we stuff them with your own words which will be too hard to swallow.

Monday, October 6, 2008


 It almost seems like we grew up in liberal times. 
In 'times that are a changin', as Bob Dylan sang, and as in the revolutionary phase, at the times when tolerance was the message and 'Buffalo Soldier' by Bob Marley filled the air that we were breathing. 
Everything was going well and life progressed steadily until about a decade and a half ago. It's only in the last 15 years, that fear has gripped us enmasse. 
There was the holocaust, partition, bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and a whole lot of other human failures, but we could protest. We could condemn. We could write songs, bring the whole world together to sing them against social and political injustice and stand unitedly to shout foul. And the powers, the ones who could fault, feared that.
Today there is a shameless display of wealth and exercise of power, because a common man can no longer protest. He is the victim of the war being waged amongst others.
Who are they?
Who are we fighting against?
Do we know them?
Are they amongst us, and we don't see them?
Ironic, that in the times of an information and communication revolution, the public, across the globe has lost its voice.Its words. Its lyrics. Its poetry. And it's song.
Who do we sing for? 
Or who against?
Is the criminal really the suspect?
Or the culprit really the criminal?
For fear of being found standing alone and therefore condemned for having stood for humankind as a whole, nobody dares to plan with another to shout 'Unfair".
What is unfair?
That you are being fed, educated and given shelter?
Or that another isn't?
All is fair. 
Poverty is fair, Riches are fair and conformity to the system that calls itself democracy but is absolutely dictatorial, is fair. 
War, that is being fought against a common enemy across the globe, is fair. 
The war against terrorists and nations that support terrorism. 
What's unfair is the people who have taken to the gun. 
Unfair are those who were left with no choice but to take to the gun because they lips were forcefully sealed and therfore they ceased to be heard. 
Or so thought the rest of the world, until the sounds of bomb blasts reverbrated in their homes, either on their television sets, or somewhere in their neighbourhoods.
Now they cannot be ignored. They don't speak, they cause terror. They kill, they masacre, they plunder, they loot and they are ruthless. 
And all the armed forces in every single country in the world fights them.
It's time we allow them to speak and hear them out, else we're heading towards deadlier times. 
Open dialogue. Listen to them, and stop speaking yourselves.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Ramadoss v/s Shivraj Patil
I'm just amazed at how we can't find solutions. 
All hell breaks loose right in front of our eyes and the only reason why the Government is unable to handle the situation is because it is a part of the circus. 
A participant in the chaos and a player in the game. 
What a pity that a country reeling under terrorist attacks, riots, arson, vandalism and lathi charge, is busy debating whether article 377 should be abolished or not. 
Come off it for Gods sake! Have we gone crazy or what? 
Why are we discussing a non issue? 
An achaic law is a redundant aspect of our constitution. 
2.6 million people are out of the closet. Millions more don't dare to come out because one Mr. Singhal or the other, afraid perhaps of having to face his own feminine side, refuses to see sense, or allow anybody else to do so. 
Can't we see the protest? 
Can't we see the desperation of tens of millions, wanting to gain legitimacy? 
This is sheer madness that an article 377 exists. The Ministry of Health wants it abolished, and the Home Ministry wants it to be imposed. Wow! 
No wonder, the Samajwadi party threatens to walk out of the present UPA if the Home Minister Shivraj Patil is not shown the door. Should he be focused on calming waters in Assam, Karnataka, Orissa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, the Capital City, Noida, infiltration in J&K, or should he be worried about Gay rights? 
While he should be propogating non violence with the seriousness that Ramadoss is following up on the ban on smoking, he's too caught up with things that should be left to the Ministry of Health to sort out. And only if he were to leave it to Ramadoss, he would realize that the issue is already put to rest and that Mr. Ramadoss can now focus on more important things like the measles vaccine that was contaminated and when given to hundreds of children to prevent them from death, almost killed them.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Whatever is happenning in the United States of America is BIZZARRE! When we were kids, my fatther used to tell us to take the nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty seriously. He would tell us not to just repeat it for the sake of it, and to look at the greater meaning in the subtext. 
In the context of the US of A, it is so true.
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, 
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, 
All the kings horses and all the kings men, 
could not put Humpty Dumpty together again.

We think the Mayavati's and Lalu Prasad Yadav's are crazy know? Well, Ms. Palin and John McCain make a pretty crazy pair and in the centre of the circus, so does Obama. Putting a once upon a time beauty queen up for the Vice President goes to show what the politicians think of the state of mind of the American Public. We should never underestimate the reading of politicians. They have the pulse like nobody else, or they wouldn't be as sucessful at igniting passions in India as well. 
But who takes the cake is Nancy Pelosy. For the moment of glory she's got in the last couple of days (who knew who she was before this), she cracks me up. 
These faces, these characters, on Television (and off it, but), covered by the camera's are the real face of America. What a pity, to see the mighty fall, alongwith their stock! (Pun absolutely intended).

Saturday, September 20, 2008


It's frightening, the times we are living in. The system is not collapsing. 
It is high time we realize that it has collapsed and been buried, without any traces, without a new system to replace it anywhere in sight. 
Things in our country happen on their own. There are institutions and intitutions and organisations and organisations, all running on their own and going whichever way circumstances are taking them. 
Bomblasts, encounters, arrests, releases, kidnappings, murders, crimes and punishments, all at will. 
Wherever it can, private sector is taking over as public sector fails. 
Wherever it cannot, the public sector is left to rot. 
Neta's, Politicians and scary faces emerge and speak to the camera's on Television, faking assurances and reassurances, but everybody knows, that each day could be their last day on this earth. But the powers that (don't) be couldn't really be bothered. 
However many may die each day, there are still too many mouths to feed.
They cry foul and say that the rich are getting richer and not sharing their wealth. 
But who is paying taxes? The rich. Those who can. 
And what are they getting in return for what they are paying? Nothing. 
It's the taxes collected with the exchequer that need to be distributed correctly across the board. But where there exists no system, how will the process of distribution take place?
It's all such a mess, but life still goes on. 
People still continue to live and die without asking questions, and without raising their voice.
Those who question and raise their voice are those who have been driven to earn their livelihoods from illegitimate functions by the very system which has marginalised them and alienated them from the mainstream.
It's a sad state of affairs when a Police Officer of the rank of an Inspector who has recieved several medals in the past for gallantry, is shot dead with four bullets in his stomach, when he goes with a small contingent to arrest deadly terrorists (alledged) in a congested area in the capital of the country during broad daylight, without wearing a bullet proof vest. 
This, really freaks me out..... 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


We must be afraid of what's going on in this country of ours. 
As the nation strides ahead and is on the brink of becoming a Nuclear Empowered land, politicians discuss the loss of our sovereignity in the hands of Singh who is declared King, by his party and the media. 
What Sovereignity are we talking about when in the same country, you can be sleeping in your room to the beat of the whirrrrrrring air conditioner, somebody can enter your locked house, brutally murder your 14 year old daughter and trusted servant, leaving blood spread around the interiors right upto your terrace, run away and not only leave you shell shocked the next morning when you wake up, but within a week cast aspersions on your character, allege that your innocent teenager was in an illicit liason with the middle aged servant and finally arrest you for having committed the murder and killing your own princess. 
Yes, you all know what I am talking about. 
The senseless loss of poor Arushi's life about 3 months ago in Noida, UP, India.

Roughly 8 weeks later, you have been released because the highest of all investigation agencies in the country, the CBI, could find no evidence against you and therefore did little to salvage your plight but suspended a few police officers who knew no better while accusing you.
Just 4 more weeks later, i.e. now, the CBI has found no evidence against the rest of the suspects which comprise of the servants of neighbours and friends, and compounding suspicion by suspecting the compounder of your dental clinic. 
You are a well known dentist in the city. Not just well known, but respected. 

So here we are, 12 weeks later, with no results. 
The culprits are out on the loose and there is nothing there is that you can do about it. 
This, can happen to anybody who is a citizen of India and the highest of the highest agencies can be at a loss of evedence, therefore words, and life will still go on.
Fundamental rights?!

While we go on to becoming a Nuclear Power, we have left gaping holes in our backyard, and frankly that is what our politicians should be debating, instead of mindless rhetoric over progressive matters.
What a pity to see the poor parents of the murdered child desperately seeking words to say on almost all news channels today after the CBI has declared its impotency in the courts of law this afternoon. 
They looked scared. 
Scared of saying too much or too little. 
Afraid of which in this world believe that they are innocent, and who believes that actually they are behind the crime. They will have to live with this state of being until the culprits are brought to book and you can see in their eyes that they are afraid that that may never happen. If they lambast the system, the authorities may come after them because they would rather book the parents than to proove their own incapability.
The fear is visible.

Meanwhile life as usual goes on in other places and Raj in Mumbai, is in trouble again. 
This time not for any fault of his. 
You can't provoke a lion and expect him to not roar. 
This time it is Jayaji's, no not Lalitha's but Bachchan's fault. 
There was no need for her to let loose just because she had a platform, knowing that the lion was caged and could not open his mouth till the 7th of October this year. 
Her saying, "We are from UP and therefore we should talk in Hindi........" is not allowed. 
When the Lion has been caged, nobody is allowed to tease him. Especially not you who has been given justice by the courts of law which have silenced and lambed the lion.
This Jayaji was in poor taste. 
As poor as the UP Police casting aspersions on the character of the poor child who was ruthlessly murdered and accusing the father for having done it.
Just because you are in a position of power, doesn't mean that you can get away with anything. Did you not see to it that Raj was booked for the same reasons?

At that time you were justified. Nobody can stop you from opening a school for girl children in UP, your homeland. The opportunities and advantages we have in a city like Mumbai, must filter down to the lowest common denominator and everyone is welcome to do his/her bit in whichever part of the country that they want to. But insulting the land on which you stand tall to be enabled, is blasphemous and I think you must apologise.
And admit that you didn't mean it.
Let all who matter, know, that in a spur of the moment, you lost control and treated yourself to the forbidden pleasure of teasing the ensnared lion.

While we leap forward with our programs for education and expect a fully literate nation in a few years and particularly where Abhishek Bachchan endorses the 'Idea' campaign, we are missing one point seriously. 
And that is to sensitise the educated to practice self control in circumstances that are precarious and can rouse tempers. 
We are finally in a progressive mode. 
Lets all realise how far back we take the massive effort being made by a collective nation, when we succumb to our vested interests and vicarious pleasures.

However, life goes on even further. 
Bihar continues to struggle and Hard Kaur and Anoushka croon along while Rakhee continues to regale Television viewers.
But my dearest friend Ranjit Rodriks has a serious problem. 
His boyfriend has so little time for him. 
And when he finally finds time, a silly thing like a hip hop class consumes him. 
He is upset that a hip hop class is more important for his boyfriend than he himself.
I tell him not to worry so much. My boyfriend has the same problem with me, but only in jest. He thinks that Big Boss is more important to me than he is. 
We laugh it off when my boyfriend who is privy to the conversation between Ranjit and me, advises Ranjit to go on to a Hop Hop class instead, a male joke that they think I didn't understand, but I did! 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

SODA waterbottleopenerwala

While the fight for survival goes on in Bihar and other lesser known parts of the world, the US returns to its election agenda and the rest of the world waits to watch what is going to happen next, amongst all the other things that are taking place, two things close to me also happen.

One is the opening of a pretty nice lounge bar called SODA at Versova, and two, my realization of why I find it so difficult to write.

There is a reason for why I will talk about point two first. Why I don't like to write anymore is because I always think out what I want to write about. By the time I'v thought it out and start writing I'm already bored. Here is where come the full stops and I start thinking about the next thing and then the next thing and then so on.....
So this time I'v decided to write about Soda without thinking much..... here is just the experience of having spent a lovely evening at Vikram Ram's new little lounge bar which is called SODA.
It was like any other private party that my friend Ranjit holds for all us friends of his, a couple of times a year. Great fun!

This time instead of his house, it was at Soda, a cool, fresh white and blue tiny little den with great sound and great music. There was Achala Sachdev, there was Ashish Balram Nagpal, Hard Kaur, Anoushka the singer, there was Ayub Khan, Gary Richardson and there was my friend the fashion designer Salim Asgarally. Then it so turned out that it was Colin's birthday. Colin is the editor of HT Cafe and his girlfriend turned up with a cake. That again was so much fun, because it just didn't seem like an event.....
Even though this evening was a PR operation, bringing page three celebrities together with the media and photographers, it didn't feel like that. Vikram Ram is a warm and friendly person and so is Ranjit Rodricks so the evening exuded the same. There was great drinks from both the bars on the ground floor and the first floor and lovely food to eat. Now the only problem is that the place is too tiny and its soon going to become an adda for many. I should think we must all hurry and book our seats there to make it our own cozy living room where we can have our own little private party every night. Because once you are in there, you just don't want to leave.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Golden Beginning!

Here it is where it starts..... Where you and I can write what we want to and where nobody is going to tell us what to write and how to go about it.....

Forgive me if I break any rules, I should think there are none.....

What consumes me the most right now and will do so for quite a few months is the mindless devastation in Bihar. The fury with which the Kosi river has inundated thousands of villages with water, and made homeless millions of men, women and children, is completely unreasonable. Nature cannot cause such a catastrophe if man does not ask for it.....

As I watch Television and switch channels, what I see is all living beings drowning while reaching out for help.....

I feel hopelessly helpless when I want to reach out from the comforts which surround me and touch some lives because just when I pick up my phone to call one of the numbers flashing on the TV screen where one can call to contribute, the shot changes to a smiling face of an anchor who begins to tell you that it seems like Salman Khan and his brother Arbaaz Khan have a problem with each other because Malaika Arora Khan and Katrina Kaif can't see eye to eye.....

So this shakes you into realization that life is going on as usual and only when the next news bulletin begins will you get to hear more on the tragedy faced by an entire region of India.

While Mamata Bannerjee condescends to talk to the Government of West Bengal on the Singur Issue, and the Hindus in Jammu prepare to celebrate their victory on the Amarnth Land Issue. While the Christians in Orissa protest marginalisation and VHP attacks and burns churches, and Kashmiris protest against the allotment of land to the Hindus for three months a year for the yatra, while the rest of the year the said land, slides under tons of feet of snow.
The rest of India watches and debates whether the Unforgettable Show accross the Atlantic by the Bacchhan family was as forgettable as could be.

Big Boss goes on as usual and so do all other soap operas, comedies etc etc etc.....

Meanwhile the US expects a hurricaner Gustav to hit its coast, and it prepares for the damage it can cause. They are evacuating all those who are expected to be affected. The President of America gets a chance to rebuild the confidence in the people of America in himself, and puts all his might behind the operations that are taking place to ensure that there is least destruction. And the much awaited Republican Party Convention in Minneapolis is also jeapordised as John Mc Cain, the presidential candidate for the elections in November, dare not be seen campaigning at a time when one state at the coast of America is expected to face disaster.
This, they call good politics......

What we call bad politics......

While we should put everything aside and reaching out through all movements and channels, to the rest of the world to come help the 35 lakh people, forget the animals, who are sufferring desperately, we cannot even give up our daily dose of entertainment.
We cannot forgo our TRP race for a few days to direct all networks to only one cause and that is the saving of the lives of millions of men, women and children. We cannot give up our agitations for a few days and divert the force of people shouting slogans aimlessly against the Nano, to fight the might of the river Kosi.
We cannot put aside our political agendas in the name of God in both Kandhamal and Jammu and Kashmir.

We are a shameless people.

We are a selfish lot.

We don't give a damn because we don't get a damn.

This is the land where there is no God.

And it can be seen in the devastation in Bihar.....

Like America blieves that they can fight Gustav after having experienced Katrina....

There is no reason for us to be in this state after having faced devastation in Latur and Gujarat..... and Orissa..... and Kashmir and .......